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SB Property Group

SB Property Group


Is a real estate group that specializes in building and developing energy-efficient homes in Marbella, Spain. 

We strive to lead the way toward a more sustainable future.

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Same Size Villa Julia Terass
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Our Developments

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Property Development

We specialize in the development of exclusive villas in southern Spain. Our recipe combines elegance and luxury with modern, sustainable, and intelligent household solutions to create enriched lifestyles and magnificent homes. 

Our mission is to create a fulfilling home experience for you to enjoy every second and minute in your own home instead of longing for somewhere else to be. 

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We specialize in renovating and building sustainable high-end villas in Nueva Andalucia, Southern Spain.

Our dual focus on development and construction affords us complete control over every stage, ensuring both the process and the outcome are under our supervision and control


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Villa Clara sold

Villa Clara was successfully sold on the 29th of December 2022, only 15 months after the acquisition date.

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Volunteering day at Triple A Animal Shelter

Donations and volunteering day at Animal Shelter Triple A in Marbella, southern Spain.

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Full renovation of Villa Hibisco

Complete interior and exterior reform of this wonderful villa in only 9 months.

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Villa Olivia ongoing project

Our ongoing Bali-inspired Villa Olivia next to Los Naranjos Golf in Nueva Andalucia is estimated to be completed in February 2024.

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Villa Julia ongoing project

Our ongoing Nordic-inspired Villa Julia next to El Priso Golf in Estepona is estimated to be completed in February 2024.

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New acquisition Villa Oxford

The renovation and transformation of Villa Oxford are currently underway, with an anticipated completion scheduled for summer 2024.